The ICT Center is used for E-Learning during Holidays through the Website other different paths like Zoom Lessons, SCIENCE 4us App among others.

Libraries & Digital Learning

We are very fortunate to have more than one libraries within our school, helping children to not only develop their reading skills, but also encourage them in a life-long love of reading for enjoyment. All of our fiction books are sorted into genres, encouraging children to read across a wide spectrum of text, including a comprehensive selection of non-fiction.

There are colourful displays around the library to stimulate a visual curiosity and awarness.This is also the curriculum resource area where teachers can access books and artefacts to support their top. All libraries are bright, spacious, comfortable and well stocked to help motivate and encourage our pupils. They are a great resource which the children love to visit, browse and discover the wide range of up to date books available for them to read, both for pleasure, and as a support for their learning.

It is open from 9am until 3pm including lunchtimes for all children to come in and change their books or sit quietly and read. We have Junior Librarians who are fantastic at keeping the Libraries and shelves in good order.

Our Library Set up

MST has extensive library resources and state-of-the-art technology to enhance students’ learning experience. Excellent print and digital resources are available at MST’s library and research center to allow students enjoy a wealth of resources. Our Library head, teachers of comprehension, grammar & composition together with our school librarians work together to foster a love of reading and a deep understanding of the research process.

Across class levels, teachers and teacher librarians routinely visit each other’s spaces and frequently co-teach classes. Students come to view the libraries as an ongoing source of information and support they can access throughout the school day.

Integrating Technology

At MST, Students have access to superb technological resources, which they use not only for research, but also for creating and presenting their own contributions to academic discourse. MST students are not passive consumers of information. They learn to evaluate information thoughtfully and use all available tools to present ideas.

Fostering A Love Of Reading

The resources students use to discover and share ideas have changed dramatically in recent decades. What remains constant is that MST students learn to love reading for research and for pleasure. Their enthusiasm is enhanced through fun library programs.

Enhancing Classroom Instruction

Libraries enhance instruction across divisions, focusing on the academic skills students of different ages most need to learn. Middle classes (P3-P5) students continue developing their skills as researchers, with a special focus on using various print and online resources effectively. Upper class students (P6-P7) learn essential skills they will later apply in secondary school. They read academic journals, conduct research using any of the library’s dozens of research databases, learn to assess sources critically and work with primary and secondary sources on campus.

The library areas are also equipped with up to date technology enabling pupils to develop their research skills to support their learning across the curriculum.

Technology Access and Support

Dependable access to technology – including a dedicated digital device, access to the Internet at school, and technological support – is a fundamental aspect of a MST’s education.

Class Details:
Day: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 10:45 am – 12:45 am


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