Our Aims

We aim to equip children for lifelong learning and to enable them to live harmoniously with the whole community.

  • We pride ourselves on the diversity of people who make up our school community and we value the varied contributions that everyone can make to our learning.
  • We aim to ensure that each child achieves their full potential, both personally and academically.
  • We provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that is sufficiently differentiated in content and style to ensure the best possible level of achievement for all children.
  • We encourage children to make decisions for themselves and acquire the skills to become independent learners.
  • Through our school organisation and curriculum will aim to help children understand and respect differences.
  • We seek to provide a stimulating school environment that creates a balance between the celebration of children’s achievements and the development of aesthetic awareness and appreciation.
  • We pledge to work in partnership with parents in accomplishing our aims.
  • We expose the students to modern Agriculture and farming methods at a very early stage and teach them modern farming techniques in a bid to produce a self sustaining community and to impact knowledge that shall change their financial status and expose them to income generating programs outside of school that they can in turn teach some of their parents and the society at large.
  • We encourage all children to be confident, hard-working and ambitious, regardless of background.
  • We transmit a core body of knowledge to all pupils and the ability to think for themselves
  • We attract and retain outstanding teachers
  • What your children will achieve?
  • High standards across the curriculum
  • An understanding of what it looks like to be good citizens
  • An awareness of the possibilities and opportunities that will be available to them in life – we want all our children to know they can be successful!
  • Exposure to new technology and science at an early age
  • Learn modern farming techniques from a celebrated farmer Dr, Naluyima.
  • What our school looks like, feels like, and sounds like on a daily basis?
  • Happy pupils and adults celebrating the great work and learning of all!
  • Welcoming, warm, positive, fun and polite!
  • A buzz around learning and achievement!
  • Respectful conversations, support and challenge – focused on everyone learning together!
  • Committed to continuous growth and development of our students and the community in which we live.
  • School’s relationship with parents and carer’s
  • Mutual respect and with a focus on children’s learning and wellbeing at the heart of the partnership
  • Approachable, friendly and positive.
  • Working in Partnership to problem solving with parents, not for parents.
  • Educate them on morals and communal well living and encourage corporation
  • What people say about our staff?
  • Approachable, welcoming, helpful and supportive
  • Strong and committed professional role models
  • Problem solvers with others, not for others
  • Educators and more so value technocrats committed to ensuring that students get education first and foremost and also acquire value driven skills like science and farming techniques that will provide them with added skillsets together with the National curriculum.

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    Well organized

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We follow the National curriculum integrating it with agriculture using a practical approach model to teaching and learning.


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