Explore MST

We invite you to join us on campus and see MST in action. Tours offer interested families the chance to see our facilities, stop in on classes, meet MST Staff and learners to get a sense of the school community and learners experience.

Tours are individually scheduled and led by a current member of the teaching staff or alternatively member of the Admissions Office staff. A typical tour takes about an hour but can be tailored to meet your time constraints.

Please call us at 0785172193, 0701686613 or click here to request a tour today!

Tour MST

Touring MST shall allow you too see classes, meet faculty and explore spaces for art, Science, music, and physical education. No registration required! If you are interested in an MST tour during holidays, just give us a call and we will arrange a date and time for the visit.

Tour Details:
Day: Monday to Friday
Time: 09:45 am – 04:00 pm

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We follow the National curriculum integrating it with agriculture using a practical approach model to teaching and learning.


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