Our Resources

The Farm

Our school farm is a valuable resource for learners to learn about agriculture, sustainability, and healthy eating. Learners can learn how to plant and harvest crops, care for animals, and understand the importance of local food production. Additionally, a school farm is used as an outdoor classroom to teach science, math, and social studies concepts.


Our School cafeteria is a comfortable and engaging space for learners to enjoy nutritious meals and socialize with their peers. The cafeteria team carefully selects healthy and diverse options to cater to different dietary needs. It can also be used for learning and socialization activities such as cooking classes and nutrition education programs, providing learners with an opportunity to develop healthy eating habits and food preparation skills. Additionally, the cafeteria can be utilized for school events such as cultural fairs, providing learners with an avenue to showcase their talents and celebrate their diverse backgrounds


The MST Junior School laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that provides learners with a hands-on learning experience in science and technology.. Through experiments and demonstrations, the laboratory team inspires curiosity and helps learners gain a deeper understanding of the natural world.


The MST Junior School clinic is a vital resource that provides learners with comprehensive medical care and health education programs. Staffed by a team of qualified medical professionals, the clinic offers a range of services, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and emergency care. In addition to medical care, the clinic also promotes healthy habits and educates learners on how to prevent illness and injury. The clinic plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of the school, equipped to handle any medical emergencies that may arise

Computer Lab

The MST Junior School computer lab is a modern and well-equipped space that provides learners with access to technology and the internet. The lab is equipped with the latest hardware and software that enables learners to learn and practice a range of computer skills. With access to the internet, learners can explore online resources and develop their digital literacy skills


Our library is a dynamic and engaging space that promotes literacy and lifelong learning. The library features a wide selection of books, magazines, and digital resources that cater to the diverse interests and reading levels of learners. The library also provides access to computers and other technology, allowing learners to explore online resources and develop their digital literacy skills. The library team is committed to promoting a love of reading and supporting learners in their academic pursuits. With its vast resources and knowledgeable staff, the MST Junior School library is an essential part of the school community, enriching the learning experience of every learner.

What Our Learners Say

I love how MST Junior School provides us with top-notch resources that help us learn and grow every day. The library is one of my favorite spots where I can explore new books and expand my knowledge.
Musoke David
From Kawuku
The computer lab at MST Junior School is amazing! It's equipped with the latest technology and software that makes our learning experience interactive and engaging. I'm grateful to have access to such valuable resources
Elizabeth Mukisa
From Kololo
The science lab is a dream come true for any aspiring scientist. We have access to all the necessary tools and equipment to conduct experiments and explore the wonders of the natural world. I feel lucky to attend a school with such incredible resources.
Richard Ssemakula
From Muyenga
One of the things I appreciate most about MST Junior School is the emphasis on hands-on learning. With so many resources available to us, we're able to really dive deep into our studies and explore the world around us in exciting and meaningful ways.
Vivian Namugga
From Munyonyo