Our Cirriculum

Other than the national curriculum that emphasizes thematic, for Lower, transition for Primary 4, 5-7 as examinable subjects, we have also incorporated subjects like Agriculture, Aquaponics, Vermiculture and hydroponics on the farm..

Our Labaratories

We encourage children’s natural love of learning while also helping them develop a disciplined approach to their work. At the same time, our classrooms and meeting spaces serve as a laboratory for exploring innovative ideas.

Our Library

MST has extensive library resources and state-of-the-art technology to enhance Learners' learning experience. Excellent print and digital resources are available at MST’s library and research center to allow learners enjoy a wealth of resources.

Our School

MST Junior School is the only primary school in the country designed to train it’s pupils in modern innovative farming at its farm. All our facilities are in a state of art and designed with a modern setting, child experience driven and aimed at achieving an international experience in a local setting.

MST Logo

We follow the National curriculum integrating it with agriculture using a practical approach model to teaching and learning.


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