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Admission Information

MST welcomes students of all religions, races and ethnic origins who are given full information for their future

Admission Information

School Admissions

Children start school in January following their Christmas Holidays. Applications for school vacancies must be made directly from the school at Kawuku-Bwerenga Nabukeera Close, or mail us at for more details about our admissions.

If you would like to apply to be on the waiting list for a space in any year group, you must apply directly to MST Admissions.

Please visit MST Admissions for full details and to apply online, mail us at and we shall immediately respond to your querry.

Nursery Admissions

At MST we pride ourselves in providing an outstanding early years education for our children. Children are eligible to start Nursery in January that follows their Second birthday.

You can get the addmission forms from our school offices physically and fill them and later return them before the deadline that will have been indicated by the administration

We carryout out our general admissions in January every year, however, in every term's holiday we still allow in new entrants into the school from Nursery to Primary six.

MST In-Year Admission Form DF iconPlease send completed form to

Reception Admissions:

At the moment we have closed addmissions until the holiday for First term but you can come and pick the forms in this COVID19 recess period or contact us online 

For more information. Contact our local Office.

Contact Details:

MST Junior School

Nabukeera Close,

Bwerenga Kawuku



Tel: +256-772589613,  +256702-071311