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Director of School Welcome

MST Junior school is into modern technology driven farming, with motivated staff that have astonishing experience in the national curriculum and developmental education.

Mission: Stimulating and Developing each child’s Potential Through Innovation and Modern Technology

Our Core Values: Time Management, Team Work, Innovation, God Fearing, Excellence

A small holder farmer and a private veterinarian focusing on clinical medicine and herd health. Dr. Emma previously worked for the National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank and as an officer in Entebbe in charge of a Livestock Environmental Station. She also worked for the President of the Republic of Uganda, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, on his personal dairy farm to improve the genetics of his herd through artificial insemination.

Dr. Emma Naluyima, Director of School

Best Wishes

Principal of School Welcome

On behalf of the children, staff and governors, I would like to welcome you. At MST Primary School we are incredibly proud of  our combined success – which is underpinned by our school’s values and beliefs, and a place where children love to learn and play. From the start, the school has been related to modern farming, and technology, with motivated staff and personnel that have astonishing experience in the national curriculum and developmental education strategy as part of the school education system. We provide a caring and happy, positive atmosphere in which children may fulfill their potentials, learn self-sustaining agricultural practices and grow in self-confident, respectful people.

We are equipped with: science Lab, computer lab with 24/7 internet connection, art room, basketball, table tennis, and baseball courts, and a farm for our Learners to practically do hands on.

Above all committed to the idea of a partnership in education between home and school and, to this end, prospective parents are invited to visit the school and meet the staff and children.

Mr. Mugerwa Washington, Principal

Quick Facts

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High Grade
What We Teach

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Dedicated Administration and

Management Team

Njala Paul

Chairperson The School Management Committee

Mugejjera Richard

Head Teacher

Washington Mugerwa

Head of School

Kanaaba Joseph

Finance Secretary

MST Student Value

Mordern Farming 95%
Math 90%
Science 85%
Technology 90%
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We follow the National curriculum integrating it with agriculture using a practical approach model to teaching and learning.


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